For readers who have enjoyed ‘Ned’s Head’, I’d  like to give you a free ebook about one of the main characters in the story — Tuba.

While writing ‘The Boy With The Unforgettable Memory’, I found myself wondering about the assassins employed by the Baron.  Who are they and where do they come from?  What does it take to persuade someone to cast their morals aside and live the life of an assassin?  Did they have any morals to begin with?

In ‘An Assassin’s Tale — Tuba’, I explore the life of the sniper with the blue-green eyes.  What turned him into a ruthless killer, prepared to murder on the orders of a psychopath?

The answers might surprise you — but don’t feel too sorry for him.  He might not be cruel, but he’s still cold hearted and deadly… and he does kill for a living’.

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Your code for, ‘An Assassin’s Tale — Tuba’, can be found on the last page of ‘Ned’s Head — The Boy With The Unforgettable Memory’.  It’s my way of saying thank you. Please enjoy it.

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